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4 women busted for prostitution at Charlotte County massage parlors


Several people got busted for taking a massage a little too far at more than one massage parlor in Port Charlotte.

Four women were arrested in Charlotte County at four different spas. For Qiangwei Dong, this arrest was her fifth time getting busted for prostitution since October.

“We arrested four women for various counts of engaging in prostitution,” Skip Conroy from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said.

The four women arrested for prostitution in Charlotte County. CREDIT: CHARLOTTE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

Conroy explained that in the last several weeks sheriff deputies said they got various tips and complaints bout women performing illegal sex acts.

Deputies put together an operation called ‘Chronic Pain,’ resulting in four women getting arrested.

The women worked at spas called Massage Taichi, Calla Spa, Lotus Massage, and Golden Massage. The sheriff’s office released video of their raids and arrests late Friday night.

Earlier in January, Dog was arrested for touching a man’s private area during a massage session and offering him sexual services. The man refused and demanded his money back and called the sheriff’s office.

WINK News asked CCSO if these women might be victims of human trafficking.

“We have no evidence at this point to suggest that,” Conroy replied.

Conroy explained there are legitimate massage businesses in the area and across Southwest Florida.

“We encourage citizens who wish to use those services to do their research, seek out licensed and certified professionals for that,” Conroy said.

WINK News visited all four of the spas; two were shut down while the other two remained open.

CCSO explained that it’s up to the Charlotte County Health Department to decide whether or not to revoke each location’s license.


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