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Cape Coral Animal Shelter hosts Friday night fundraising sleepover



Since Hurricane Ian, Southwest Florida’s animal shelters have taken in many more dogs and cats because their owners have lost their homes. Organizations like the Cape Coral Animal Shelter need your help to continue caring for all these animals.

Animals like Rolfe, a dog who was abused so badly by his previous owner that he had to have surgery on his hip. The Cape Coral Animal Shelter took care of the $3,400 procedure. He and his friends at the shelter will be in pajamas to prepare for the shelter’s PJs and Paws fundraiser Friday night.

WINK News anchor Taylor Petras and 19 others will wear their best pajamas and sleep over with the animals to raise awareness for the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Liz McCauley, the shelter’s executive director, says the money will help pay for the animals’ medical expenses.

“We’ve had a lot of kennel cough and upper respiratory; that’s expensive for us,” McCauley said. “Not only does it delay them being adopted, but it costs medicine and the cost of caring for them for a longer period of time. Since the hurricane, things have been rough. Donations have been down, and we understand people are struggling.”

$25 feeds all the animals at the shelter for a whole day.


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