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Cement truck crashes into power poles in North Fort Myers


A cement truck sends two power poles crashing down in North Fort Myers on Thursday afternoon. The crash happened on North Cleveland Avenue near Hancock Bridge Parkway.

Crews from LCEC have been using jackhammers to dig up the median near the crash, trying to repair the power pole that was hit and brought down this afternoon. Closer to the intersection, another power pole was also brought down because of the crash.

Power pole knocked down in crash. (Credit: WINK News)

WINK News heard from a man who was at the RaceTrack at North Cleveland Avenue and Hancock Bridge Parkway when it happened. He said he not only heard two loud explosion sounds, but he could feel the force of the impact from where he was in front of the store.

“All of the sudden, I heard two big explosions, and I look over, and this happened. Poles are down, wires are down. And they took the guy in the truck away on an ambulance,” said Shawn Langford. “Put him on a stretcher. No, he was not moving.”

Langford said when he looked over, he could see sparks flying. He also said the cement truck ended up on top of the power pole.

After the crash happened, more than 800 customers, mostly commercial, were without power.

LCEC said only 10 businesses at this intersection remain without power.

Hancock Bridge Parkway remains closed in both directions as repairs are made. There is no time frame as to when the remaining power will be restored.


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