Contest Dates:
January 7 - March 31

Win money! Introducing the WINK-At-Work HI-LO Game. Guess how much money’s in our current jackpot and you win the money. Anywhere from $100.00 to $1,000.00! Keep track of all the guesses. We’re rooting for you to win and will even tell you if your guess is too HI…or too LO. Listen for when to call in and play every weekday at 8 and 10am and 12 and 2pm.

Congratulations to our winners so far…
Stephanie W. from Fort Myers – $872.65
Tim H. from Naples – $321.74
Sherrie M. from Port Charlotte – $513.83
Peggy L. from Alva – $291.57
Johnna S. from Moore Haven – $719.88
Don S. from Cape Coral – $187.62
Debbie M. from Fort Myers – $424.49
Dorothy M. from Port Charlotte – $667.93
Dan S. from Lehigh Acres – $927.14
Barbara P. from Rotunda West – $481.30

Have fun and win with WINK-At-Work HI-LO from 96.9 WINK-FM!

WINK-FM Official Contest Rules