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Demolition of old train depot in Fort Myers begins


A historical building that’s been deserted for years is turning into something else entirely.

It used to be a freight train station, then a furniture store and now it will become a place for people to call home.

The building, on Michigan Avenue, was a train station in the late 1920s and early ’30s. It became a furniture store but has been empty for many years.

It’s close to 100 years old and the building is severely damaged so the owners are tearing it down to revitalize the area.

The demolition of the old commercial train depo started Monday morning.

Honc Destruction said they plan to have the entire building torn down by the end of the week.

Their goal is to recycle 90% of the existing building.

“We’ve had nothing but praise and thank you, people honking the horn and saying with thumbs up for our guys to make the view improve, so to speak. But we’re clearing the way for the future,” said David Mulicka, president of  Honc Destruction.

The future includes a 400-unit complex being built for the workforce in Southwest Florida.

Taking the vacant property and transforming it into a 6-story building offering studios up to three-bedroom apartments.

The 16-acre site includes a parking garage, pool, clubhouse, nature trail and kayak launch.

While some are not thrilled to see the old freight station go, one of the owners and developers says it will bring a much-needed uplift to the area.

“In the condition of the building, we looked at what would be the process to come up with some other options. And we looked at that. And this was what we came up with, you know, beautiful housing project that gives back to the community, and offers a really special place for people to live. Guess we want people that work in Fort Myers to live in Fort Myers. And that’s important,” said Jerry Miller, owner of the property and the business development manager.

The demolition should be done by the end of the week and they are starting construction for the apartment complex in April.



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