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Family finding solace in brother’s postmortem sacrifice


Thomas Gorman donated his eyes, kidneys, and liver after a crash sent his truck over the Caloosahatchee Bridge. Still, his family is grateful he left the world helping those in need.

Thomas’s family hopes to meet the recipients of his organs and hear their stories.

Through all the pain, the family is comforted by the fact they may get to look into his eyes again.

Thomas Gorman at a marina. CREDIT: WINK News

Alyssa and Stacy, Thomas’s sisters, have been left stunned and dismayed by the loss of their brother.

“It’s sad that the world doesn’t have him anymore,” Stacy said.

They describe Thomas as selfless and full of life.

“Without a doubt, that was him in a nutshell. You know, Tommy was the most stubborn, loving man you’d ever meet. You know what I mean? And but he would do anything for you,” Stacy said.

Thomas Gorman and a baby. CREDIT: Alyssa and Stacy

“We just had a big heart,” Alyssa said. “He was very passionate for loving people helping people.”

Therefore, it came as no surprise to them that even in death, Thomas is finding a way to help others by donating his organs.

“This gives me a lot of peace inside that a lot of people received a phone call close to Christmas, saying, you know, we have a liver for you. We have eyes… and I know that’s what he would have wanted,” Stacy said.

When doctors and nurses lined the halls of Lee Memorial when Thomas’s family said their final goodbyes as he was wheeled into the operating room.

Lee Memorial. CREDIT: WINK News

The family was able to let him go with pride, knowing that someone else will get to see the world through Thomas’s postmortem sacrifice.

“It’s like a poetic, beautiful tragedy, you know, it’s horrific to think about. But I found peace in it somehow, like, knowing that, like, he lives on through other people, you know, and somebody will be able to see through his eyes,” Stacy said.

“At least we have a part of him out there with us out there somewhere,” Alyssa said.

It will be some time before Thomas’s family is able to make contact with his organ recipients, but they said that knowing there are pieces of him out there brings them some peace during the tough time.


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