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Fort Myers man to be sentenced for 2020 murder of pregnant girlfriend



On Tuesday morning, Serge Lefevre will receive his prison sentence after pleading no contest to the 2020 murder of Cassandra Clermont and her unborn twins in Fort Myers.

31-year-old Clermont’s four young children will finally receive closure after their mother was murdered following a cycle of abuse. Lefevre’s charges include second-degree murder, child abuse, murder of an unborn fetus, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, false imprisonment and child abuse.

Reports show Clermont and her four children suffered abuse at Cypres Courts Apartments for weeks before the pregnant mother was murdered. Police say Lefevre hit Clermont and her children with sticks and they were not allowed to leave the apartment. On Nov. 30, 2020, Lefevre killed Clermont in the bathroom of the apartment.

Cassandra Clermont, 31. Credit: WINK News.

Lefevre called 911 claiming Clermont had a seizure, but affidavits filed in court reveal that Clermont had head wounds and had been beaten. They also revealed that the four children showed signs of beating. Two months later, Lefevre was arrested and charged with killing Clermont, her unborn twins, and abuse of the 4 children who were in the home.

Serge Lefevre has a documented history of domestic violence dating back to 2007. His sentence will be a minimum of 39 years in prison.


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