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Holiday travel and possible delays at RSW


Christmas is just a few days away, and people are traveling near and far to be with loved ones to celebrate the holidays.

Wednesday, many are trying to avoid cancellations that may spring up from the blizzard-like winter weather conditions that will be seen across the country.

The TSA line was coming and going Wednesday morning and afternoon.

But, take it from the travelers that spoke with WINK News waiting to go through TSA that the lines can be ruthless at times.

“We are just waiting in line to get on an airplane a lone line .. get here pretty early if you are leaving. I didn’t realize last year it wasn’t this bad. I am just amazed at the line we’re having,” Jane and Tommy Pruett said.

Jane and Tommy are flying back home to Tennessee to be with their family for the holidays.

While they had to wait in line, their flight was on time, and so were most flights at RSW.

WINK News also caught up with Dan Martin flying Wednesday evening back home to Kansas City to beat the snowstorm.

“We’re supposed to leave tomorrow, but we changed it for today just to get away from 30 degrees below and the big snowstorm coming in,” Martin said.

RSW said they expect the airport to be busy during the holiday season and want to remind travelers to plan and arrive at TSA at least two hours before their flights departure.


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