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Improving the Cape Coral Bridge and Sanibel Causeway


Lee County commissioners met on Monday to discuss options for the Cape Coral Bridge to make it easier to get in and out of the city. Although, the county commissioners started discussing the changes nearly a year ago.

All day and all night long, cars never stop driving across the Cape Coral Bridge. And it’s bustling Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons when people go to and from work.

The Cape Coral Bridge. CREDIT: WINK News

And that’s why Terri Mehrman makes sure to steer clear of the bridge at those times.

“We stay away from rush hour. We’re not working, we’re not commuting, making that commute,” Mehrman said.

Mehrman and her shepherd Wyatt moved to Cape Coral from Michigan six months ago. And with more people on the way, Lee County commissioners are moving forward with plans to replace both the westbound and eastbound lanes.

When the $218,600,000 work is done, the new bridge will have a 75-year lifespan, effectively alleviating traffic, and making the bridge safe for everyone.

Brigitte Hessling comes to live in Southwest Florida during the colder months across the Atlantic Ocean in Germany.

“I think it is necessary. My husband, he loves bike riding, and he’ll always go across this bridge. Well, going one way is okay. But coming back the other way is very difficult,” Hessling said.

Vessel collision analysis slide in county commissioners meeting. CREDIT: LEE COUNTY

The commissioners also looked at what’s next for the Sanibel Causeway. They’re planning to beef up its resilience and widen bike lanes.

Brian Hamman, a Lee County commissioner, spoke with WINK News about the Sanibel Causeway plans.

“All of us want the Sanibel Causeway Island Beaches to come back. I think they’re going to look differently than they have before. But we still want to bring back as much of it as we can. Making sure it will be safe to withstand the next storm that comes our way,” Hamman said.

Vessel collision alternative two analysis slide in county commissioners meeting. CREDIT: LEE COUNTY

But, the price tag on the Sanibel Causeway improvements and adjustments is $285,000,000, and the Lee County share of that price tag is $51,600,000.


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