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Isles of Capri meeting discussing zoning changes


People from the Isles of Capri packed the Collier County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, trying to stop high-rise condo development in the community.

The debate will be underway Tuesday evening, discussing whether or not to change the zoning on the Isles of Capri’s “business island” from commercial to mixed-use.

That change would allow the development of three new high-rises and 108 condos.

The people waiting in the room have been sitting for almost 10 hours. They worry the condos would ruin their small island lives and bring unwanted traffic and noise. They came out in force, filling the room in their matching shirts with the words “Save our Capri lifestyle” and “No rezoning” even brought anti-rezoning paddles.

“No Rezoning” shirt worn at the meeting. CREDIT: WINK News

One man wrote “First Ian… now FCC” on the back of his paddle. In this case, “FCC” refers to the developer, FCC Beach and Yacht. Their lawyer told commissioners their condos would bring less traffic and fewer people to the Isles, but most people at the meeting disagree.

“And I think zoning changes are a slippery slope. It’s not just for Capri; it’s what could lead to other changes in the county. And there are very few spaces left that have this kind of magnificent, natural setting, and it attracts people from all over. That’s the joy and charm of it,” Gordon Phippen, an Isles of Capri resident, said.

Commissioners vowed to stay on Tuesday until they decide.


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