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Lighting up FEMA trailers on Saturday in Collier County


A glimmer of hope Friday for people needing temporary homes after Hurricane Ian.

WINK News told Southwest Florida the FEMA trailers were delivered to the Par 4 Mobile Home community in Collier County in Dec.

But, WINK News later found out the mobile homes are still vacant because there is no power in the trailers.

FPL said it would take 30 days to get them hooked up.

No more waiting after two days of back and forth with FEMA and FPL. Friday will be the last night the trailers at the mobile home community are in the dark.

A yellow sticker represents the go-ahead to power up four FEMA trailers in East Naples.

James Gaughan, a manager for the Par 4 Mobile Home Park, has been using his energy to try and get power to the units.

“I don’t know if I can take it for an absolute, but they said they were looking at most likely tomorrow, starting on it,” Gaughan said.

They’ve been sitting empty for more than two weeks because there’s no electricity.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease; I can be a squeaky wheel,” Gaughan said.

On Thursday, FEMA and FPL pointed fingers at one another as to why the trailers are still without power.

Less than 24 hours later though…

“I just love that FPL was able to get down here so fast after I squeaked a little because I’m just a little mouse. I ain’t nothing, but they came down and took care of this, but I’m more excited for the folks who are going to be able to move in now,” Gaughan said.

Gaughan said he’s not the only one excited to welcome new neighbors to the area.

“I have Doc over here. He’s been saving up food to give the people little food cash when they come in so they have some food to eat and the people all around are excited, and they’re ready to help and get to know the new people in the community, and I’m also playing match-maker with some of the dogs,” Gaughan said.

The good news is, on Friday, FPL and FEMA seem to have made it to the same page, and the four trailers should have electricity by Saturday.

At that point, Gaughan will contact FEMA, and then FEMA contacts the residents to let them know they can move in.


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