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Long waits for Cape Coral permits upsetting roofing company customers


People are giving a roofing company negative reviews after they say it’s taking the roofer too long to get the work done. The roofing company in Cape Coral said it’s not their fault.

Even before Ian hit, Cape Coral permits were hard to come by. Now, a roofing permit that should take 24 hours to approve is taking weeks.

Blue tarps are still everywhere in Cape Coral one hundred days after Hurricane Ian.

Since the storm, the city said it had processed emergency permits as quickly as possible. The goal was to get roofers like Tyler Forrey straight to work.

“The first three weeks our office was destroyed water got in it. So we had to move to another office, you know, moving supplies, one of our warehouses, we lost the entire roof on that,” Forrey said.

Even through all of that, Forrey and his team at Roof RX remained on the job, averaging 35 to 45 roof repairs a week.

They would like to do more, but they can’t. Forrey blames the wait on the permits.

“They’re getting very, very upset. People are calling the office. We’re getting 100 phone calls a day, people that want to know when the roof is gonna get done,” Forrey said.

Now angry would-be customers are not just calling, they’re also posting bad reviews online.

Forrey said it’s frustrating because getting a permit is out of his control.

“It’s just it’s impossible to get to every single roof in every single house, no matter how hard we all try,” he said.

But, Forrey doesn’t blame the City of Cape Coral. He knows as many calls as he receives each day, they do too.

His biggest ask is that people keep their patience.


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