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More delays at RSW frustrating travelers


Getting your bags checked, boarding pass in hand, but travelers still have to wait after Flight Aware said more than 130 flights were delayed at Southwest Florida International Airport on Monday.

Even though the holidays are over and the cold weather is behind us, the frustration at RSW keeps coming around like suitcases at baggage claim.

Gary Seeds and his wife were delayed three hours while trying to fly back to Cincinnati.

“I really expected the airlines they have most of the delays out of the system. But it seems like looking at the board. Most of the flights are delayed today. More so than they were yesterday,” Seeds said.

WINK News found Cedric Duan and his family waiting around for their delayed flight to New York.

“But we didn’t find out until we get to the airport,” Duan said. “Having snacks. You know, watching iPad, just killing two more hours.”

Travelers said airline employees told them the delays were related to the computer issues airports across Florida experienced on Monday.

College student, Payton Ziegler, hopes to make it back to Washington D.C. in time for class on Tuesday.

“They’re all talking about that in Miami, there was a computer system malfunction earlier today that it’s been fixed now. But they’re playing catch up with the planes and trying to get everybody in the right direction and catching up on what they missed earlier today,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler, like all other travelers, is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

“Hopefully, I can get on a plane and get back to DC tonight. If not, I’ll go back home, spend another night with my family and make it to class for Wednesday,” Ziegler said.


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