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Naples based team in new National Pickleball League


A new National Pickleball League is starting with only six teams in the country, with one based in Naples.

All league players are over 50 years old, and owners will draft them live.

Bob Strommen loves pickleball and will have a big opportunity as a founding team owner in the National Pickleball League.

“This is a way for us not only to give tribute to the legacy of the game and to the seniors but also to further expand our impact upon the Naples community,” Strommen said.

Eva Welscher is over 50 and a pickleball pro who appreciates what Strommen is doing for Naples and all of Southwest Florida.

“This is the majority of the population that plays pickleball. And the fact that he recognizes it, and he wants to, you know, put his money into something like this, and support us and start something that will hopefully continue for years and years is huge,” Welsher said.

According to USA Pickleball, almost a third of pickleball players are over 55 years old.

“I’m just happy that I have a home, and I know that there’s a place for me in future years as a senior,” Welsher said.

“This is just an exciting change in the evolvement of this whole Mecca center of pickleball,” Strommen said.

The National Pickleball League will begin playing in June.


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