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New median on US-41 in Fort Myers considered dangerous by some


A small median is causing problems on US-41 by the Red Lobster in Fort Myers.

The short narrow area is making drivers swerve and duck out of the way in an attempt to avoid it.

Black skid marks line the sides of the road, and the small amount of yellow paint on the end has faded.

New median in Fort Myers frustrating drivers. CREDIT: WINK News

It’s all happening at the intersection of US-41 and Collier Avenue.

Drivers, particularly drivers at night, are frustrated and angry with what’s happening.

“There’s no difference between that curb and the street at night,” Clayton Price said.

“These things are unbelievable. Everybody and their mothers probably hitting these things. it’s definitely a hazard there. It’s not good,” Price said.

“There’s multiple accidents down there all the time. I hear from my house every day,” Adam Rushing said.

Price can vouch for what Rushing is saying. Price told WINK News he hit the median Saturday night and it left holes in his tires.

“There was a car and a tow truck blocking two and a half lanes partially over in the far left lane. When I tried to go around them, I hit the median strip,” Price said.

For a while, Price couldn’t see it and wasn’t aware it was there.

“I’ve been driving this road for ten years. I’ve never had to deal with a six-inch high six-inch wide median strip sticking up in the middle of the road. So it’s just it’s beyond me who designed this. And it’s just off its way off. It’s not good at all,” Price said.

The median was put in place in late Dec. as part of a construction project to improve safety on US-41.

It’s led by the Florida Department of Transportation, which partnered with the City of Fort Myers. WINK News reached out to both about the reported problems with the median but, for the time being, nobody has gotten back to us.


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