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One person dead after shooting at Desoto County fair


Whoever pulled the trigger is still out there.
Arcadia Police told WINK News they located two of the people they wanted to speak with that were seen in a video taken at the Desoto County fair Saturday night.

They are not being called suspects, but they may have valuable information.

A night at the Desoto County fair should never end in a son not coming home to his mother.

“Its a 17 year old son. Who plans on burying their 17 year old son? So they’re all very very devastated right now,” Beck said.

There were several calls into the WINK newsroom Saturday night, after shots rang out at the fair.
“My friend who was with me heard the gunshots, and I was right next to him at the time. But I heard someone say there’s an active shooter on site,” an anonymous witness said.
A friend of the victim’s family, Ashley Beck, said she was devastated when she heard the news her friends son was killed.
“We want our kids to be able to go to a fair and be able to enjoy their soda, their friends, instead of having to worry about going and getting shot,” Beck said.
You can see the terror in a video taken after the active shooting scene last night, as everyone rushed to make sure their family got out of the fair.
“These kids have been literally shook to their core. They’re horrified by what they witnessed last night,” Beck said.
“There was actually a fist fight at the front gate with people trying to get in to get their children and people trying to shove them out,” an anonymous witness said.
“A lot of lives in danger last night,” Beck said.
Beck has a message for anyone who may be able to help.
“For this mother’s sake, for a sister’s sake, for a father’s, and a cousin’s, please come forward. This family needs justice, they need closure. You know, you can’t begin to understand why this happened, but the closure of knowing that the person who did it is behind bars and can’t do it to somebody else, that is going to heal the family in some way, if not all the way,” Beck said.
The fair was closed Sunday, but the livestock grooming contest and a pageant were still held with very limited guests. There was also a heavy security presence.
If anyone has any information about the shooting, he or he is asked to call the Arcadia Police Department.


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