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People on Fort Myers Beach concerned it is losing its charm


Is there a change in the charm coming to Fort Myers Beach? Just as Ian swept away most of our Fort Myers Beach memories, real estate buyers and sellers seem to be doing the same thing to the island’s affordability.

Every day it seems like another property on the island is going up for sale and not exactly on the cheap, which has people worried things will never be the same.

WINK News has been following the iconic seaside landmarks for sale on Fort Myers Beach, from The Cottage and Shuckers to the Outrigger Resort and Pete’s Time Out.

Those aren’t the only properties that will be changing. WINK News saw a for sale sign at The Beacon Resort, along with twelve residential spaces for sale, and several more online

Some homes are selling for almost $800,000, and they’re completely gutted on the inside.

“The great thing is that there’s people that are willing to come and invest their money, their hard-earned money, to our community here. And that is great news,” said Realtor Jorge Barrera.

Home that sold for more than $6M in Fort Myers Beach. (Credit: Realtor Jorge Barrera)

Then there is the property Barrera just sold.

The owner of this single-family home called Barrera knew this was the time to sell. “Within two weeks. We have four offers,” Barrera said.

The result was the largest price tag for a single-family home in Fort Myers Beach history; $6.175 million.

“I know people are worried the vibe of Fort Myers Beach is not gonna be the same. You know, the people make the vibe. OK? These are structures,” said Barrera.

Many businesses have signs up saying they will be rebuilding, including Mojo’s Coffee Shop and La Ola Restuarant, which used to be in Times Square.


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