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People unable to return to Fort Myers Yacht Basin amid Ian damage


The Fort Myers Yacht Basin, because of Hurricane Ian, isn’t what it once was, but people living there are still tirelessly holding on to their memories.

Nobody lives at the yacht basin because the city doesn’t want people there.

While we’re on the doorstep of 2023, the yacht basin still doesn’t have power or water.

Nevertheless, a few people come back to check on their floating homes, make repairs, and figure out what the city’s next move is.

Dave DuVall is one of those people that needs to know what the next move is at the yacht basin.

“As a boater, I feel kind of let down,” DuVall said.

DuVall’s hopeful to move back into his ship at the yacht basin since it’s one of the few still afloat.

“It would be nice if they would start repairing some of the problems here,” DuVall said.

DuVall was living happily at the yacht basin until Oct. 7.

He wasn’t thinking about an escape plan.

And why would he, when he already had one, since his boat was aptly named ‘Escape Plan’?

But on Oct. 7, the city decided people were no longer safe living there and ordered them out.

“All that stuff could have been repaired; they could have been working on it,” DuVall said.

Regardless of the difference in the cleanup since October, the commutation from the city didn’t keep Bill Westburry at the yacht basin.

“We finally had had enough with Fort Myers and left on November 2,” Westberry said.

Without any answers from the city, it’s hard to say what will happen next.

“I’m living with friends,” DuVall said. “Now they’re selling their condo. It’s sold, and in a couple of weeks, I don’t have a place to live.”

To keep the yacht basin secure, the Fort Myers city council will likely vote, on Jan. 10, to increase the security in the area.

As of Dec. 30, the fee is $80,000, but that will spike up to $145,000 to keep guards there through Feb. 11.


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