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Property owners helping businesses stay on Fort Myers Beach


Businesses on Fort Myers Beach are putting on a brave face and trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Ian, and some property owners want to help.

Balancing business on Fort Myers Beach has never been more difficult, but the business owners have never shown so much strength. They have the support of the people who own the land they operate on.

Chris Primeau owns the land where La Ola, Rude Shrimp Company, and Yo Taco sit. He says he was approached about the possibility of selling that land but said after the storm hit, his priority wasn’t the land he owned; it was the people he loved on Fort Myers Beach.

That’s why Primeau decided to keep all the land he owned, despite how much everything around him was selling for.

Speaking of La Ola, the owner, Tom Houghton, said the restaurant is opening a new location in Bell Tower Plaza to give him a little more stability while the area around the beach recovers.

Houghton said it was the first exhale he had taken since the storm hit.


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