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Residents along Burnt Store Canal in Cape Coral upset with hurricane debris in the water


Port-a-potties, garbage cans, and other debris float around a canal on Burnt Store Road after Hurricane Ian. People along the canal are frustrated that the garbage has been left there for months.

Lots of people move to Cape Coral to live along one of the city’s many canals. The water, one couple said, is like paradise. A retirement dream.

“It’s an escape. You get on your pontoon boat. It’s quiet as you’re hearing the birds, and my husband loves to fish,” said Donnarose Gilcrease.

After Ian, Donnarose and Roy Gilcrease say their dream has turned into disgust.

Port-a-potties, sewage, and garbage now fill the Burnt Store Canal.

“It still is unsightly, and the thought of what was in them that’s now in our water system that we fish and enjoy life in that. You gotta wonder it’s been since September 28,” said Roy.

“We seen that there’s porta johns, not one, but in a matter of 15, 20 minutes, you could see 12 porta johns in the canal. You also see debris from the roadway construction, the big orange barrels. There’s a lot of debris out there,” said Donnarose.

“We have a lot of neighbors that boat out here as well. And yes, we have started picking up garbage that we’re able to pick up, but a lot of it isn’t,” Roy said.

Until someone gets rid of the junk, Donnarose and Roy have no way to enjoy the scenic, calming days that used to be their lifestyle.

“We bought this house with grandkids and children in mind. And they love it so much is when we say we’re gonna go to the beach or we’re gonna go do some touristy things. No, papa, rather stay with you and Ro on the boat. Let’s go fishing or the pool.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife said anyone who sees debris in any body of water should call the state’s debris cleanup hotline at (850) 961-2002 or email


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