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Salvation Army daycare in Naples working to recover from fire, temporarily relocating


A daycare filled with kids catches fire, sending their parents into a panic. Fifty kids were inside the Salvation Army building in Naples when it caught fire on Monday. All of the kids that were inside got out safely.

Now, the question is where the kids are meant to go to school with their building unusable.

Caution tape still surrounded the daycare on Wednesday, and the smell of smoke was still in the air. WINK News spoke with parents whose kids attend the daycare, and although they’ve been closed the past two days, they’re relieved everyone is safe.

A fire at the Salvation Army Child Development Center Monday had parents concerned.

“My husband was actually on the way here from our house in Estero, and he drove up, and he saw the firetrucks and everything and the smoke, and he was very worried,” said Samantha Asin.

Fifty kids ages one to five were in the building at the time, but no one was hurt.

“The kids were just getting up from nap time, and we had someone come in and inform us that there was a fire outside of the building. We immediately pulled the fire alarm and ensured that the children and the teachers were out safely,” said Maria Covarrubias, director of the Salvation Army Child Development Center.

Asin has a son and daughter who attend the daycare. Since the fire, she has had to figure out child care on her own. “Currently, they stay with grandma. My mom lives in Lehigh, so it’s a little bit of a drive, but it’s just for a couple of days.”

She said her kids were ready to come back.

“I mean, they miss school. They talk about it, and they’re always like, ‘Are we going to school?’ and I’m like, ‘no, not today.’ But they’re OK with it,” said Asin.

Matthew Oliver owns Oliver’s Barbershop on 5th Avenue South, and his daughter has joined him at work the past two days. “Yeah, she’s been coming to work with dad. My little helper. She likes to go next door and get ice cream.”

The daycare suffered severe damage, but cleanup is underway. If everything goes as planned, they said they would have the building back up and running within the next month or so.

The daycare plans to re-open tomorrow at another location on campus and says it will continue to be there for families who truly depend on them.


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