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Video captures panic inside North Fort Myers High School after shooting threat


It was a scene of chaos and confusion as an active shooter alert went out to an entire school on Wednesday.

WINK News is now getting a look at what it was like inside North Fort Myers High School when kids learned that they might be in danger.

“Everybody was crying, and they’re on the phone with their families, and their families are crying because nobody knows what’s happening,” said Alexa Murphy, a North Fort Myers High School student.

Crowded chaos; that’s what 14-year-old Alexa saw first-hand during the school lockdown.

Alexa and her friends were having lunch when the lockdown began. That’s when she said dozens and dozens of students crammed into the kitchen.

(Credit: Alexa Murphy)

“Nobody knew what to do. Everybody’s panicking. I could just tell this isn’t gonna go well. And I wanted to get this on video to, you know, show people,” said Alexa.

At first, it looks like any high school cafeteria. Students surround each other, conversations fading in and out. Then, as quickly as a bell can ring in school, chaos ensues.

“There were pans like clattering in the background. So people interpreted that as gunshots. And they just started somebody started screaming and running. Everybody started screaming and running. So that is an entire cafeteria in the back of a lunchroom kitchen screaming and running to the other side for their lives,” Alexa said.

Students start screaming, shoving, and sprinting in every direction. In the video, you can hear Alexa scream from behind the camera. The scene looked real, felt real, and was a real response to a fake threat.

“That was, like, one of the scariest times of my life,” said Alexa.


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