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2 fires breakout on Pine Island within an hour


Two debris fires breaking out on Pine Island had crews racing to put out the flames on Monday afternoon. The first fire broke out on Blueberry Lane and later on Western Drive.

The fires broke out within an hour of each other, and thankfully, nobody was hurt. Crews said both were accidental.

The Pine Island fire chief told WINK News that a trailer was being demolished when it suddenly caught fire.

Smoke seen all around the scene of the fire. CREDIT: Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District

The fire chief sent WINK News pictures of the enormous cloud of smoke rising when crews were putting the fire out.

Firefighters and EMS vehicles were rapidly leaving the fire on Blueberry Ln. and were going straight to the fire on Western Dr. The chief explained somebody was burning debris and eventually got out of hand.

Crews engaging the fire on Pine Island. CREDIT: Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District

WINK News spoke to Sue Weir, the woman who called the fire department after witnessing the fire break out on Blueberry Ln.

“They’re getting their equipment up, and it started smoldering. I’m just a few doors down, so I called the fire department, and they got here right away there must have been some kind of accelerant in there or something in there when the demo went down, but it was a pretty big fire had the road closed down most of the afternoon,” Weir said.

The fire chief told WINK News to be careful and responsible if you plan to burn anything. Going on to add, you should always check in with your local fire department first


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