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26 puppies, dogs rescued from abandoned home in Miami-Dade


A litter of puppies and several adult dogs left abandoned in a vacated rental home are now safe and sound at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

In all, 26 dogs were rescued.

“It’s a little heartbreaking because they did come to us as a confiscation,” said Flora Beal with MDAS. “Just a reminder to the public that it is illegal to sell puppies unless you have a permit from the county.”

A neighbor alerted authorities to the dogs left behind in the vacant home, and after getting permission from the rental property’s owner to enter, they scooped up the pooches.

“These pets were found without care. We were thankfully able to get there in time to be able to get them the help that they needed and get them to their forever homes hopefully,” Beal said.

Goldendoodles are popular with breeders who know they can get a pretty penny for the pups.

They can sell for anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

But these will be adopted out.

The dogs that were old enough to be adopted quickly found homes.

Once the nursing puppies are old enough, they’ll move in with their forever families.

“The word started to spread and in one day they’ve all pretty much been adopted,” Beal added.

Beal said the original owner had three days to reclaim the dogs before they were put up for adoption.

No one came forward, but the investigation is ongoing.


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