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ArtFest returns to downtown Fort Myers


Live performances, some of the best food in Florida, and fun the entire family can enjoy are all happening this weekend. ArtFest Fort Myers is back, and it’s taking over downtown.

There will be more than 200 carefully selected artists here. They have been setting up since early Friday morning, ready to show you their best work.

The waterfront of Fort Myers is a view many enjoy, but with ArtFest here.

“Really and truly, it’s just it’s an opportunity to enjoy our beautiful water and, you know, great view. What else?” said Katheryn Kinsey, executive director of ArtFest Fort Myers.

There’s a lot more scenery to capture your attention.

“I do magical dreamscapes. And I want everybody to feel like they’ve walked into a magical dream when they stand in front of one of my pieces,” said Dan Banondroff, an artist from Miami.

ArtFest Fort Myers. (Credit: WINK News)

“My work here is very Florida-inspired. As you can see, I have some flamingos have hibiscus and palm trees. So it’s very beachy, very vibrant colors,” said Ana Monsanto, paint artist from Deerfield Beach

While some artists are local, others are “From all over the country. Yes. And they’re here. You know, we just had artists come from Wisconsin and drive straight through. Yeah. So it’s amazing. And they’re all excited to be here. And you know, and celebrate downtown Fort Myers because we’re up and back up and running,” said Kinsey.

After Hurricane Ian, having the ArtFest means that much more.

“I’ve been in cities where the city went through something big. And I always say that people, people really do want to get out. They want to get back to normal. And it feels great to be part of that,” said Banondroff.

“Art brings out an emotion and brings out happiness. And this is what we do this, why we do this for a living,” Monsanto said.

ArtFest kicks off at 6 p.m. on Friday on the waterfront in downtown Fort Myers. Festivities continue throughout the weekend. You can learn more about the event by clicking here.


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