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Bruno’s of Brooklyn proposing food truck park in Lee County


Bruno’s of Brooklyn has drawn up plans for a food truck park in Fort Myers, but they still need approval from the city.

WINK News spoke exclusively with the owners about the plans and the impact the food truck park would have on the community.

Calcedonio Bruno and his wife, Genevieve, are living their dream in Southwest Florida.

“I tell everybody now born and raised in New York, but I am a Fort Myers native now,” Calcedonio said.

Their restaurant, Bruno’s of Brooklyn, has become a downtown Fort Myers staple.

“You can go to the Edison home and look at, you know, Edison’s laboratory that’s been there for 100 years, you know, or you can go to this beautiful resort that we have downtown now, the Luminary hotel. It’s uber-contemporary. So it’s such a nice balance,” Calcedonio said.

That balance is what they hope to bring to a new food truck park off McGregor Boulevard. Their site includes a 100-year-old office building that will set the look for the rest of the park.

A rendition of the food truck park. CREDIT: WINK News

The area has an old feel with refreshingly new amenities and a pavilion offering a seated area.

“We’re building this new structure to mimic an old structure, kind of tie it all in together,” Calcedonio said.

Bruno’s runs two of the possible seven food trucks in the back. The others hope to get rented out to other restaurant owners looking for a new space after Hurricane Ian.

“This could provide an opportunity…” Calcedonio said. “A culinary entrepreneur that essentially lost his brick and mortar to get back in the game.”

Similarly to an RV par, all the trucks would hook up with utilities provided without needing generators.

“Genevieve and I are very, we’re enthusiastic about keeping old and keeping it alive. And not necessarily transforming but improving such properties,” Calcedonio said.

Creating something new for a city full of classic, vintage, and old charm is the primary goal. That is a big goal to have for a city that got them where they are today.

“We’ve worked hard. And we’ve done it with the support of many, many, many, many people here. And every opportunity that we get, we want to give that back on and pay it forward. That’s what we do here,” Calcedonio said.

The Bruno’s are appearing before the Fort Myers board of adjustments to outline their plans for the food truck park concept Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

They also told WINK News they’ll be moving their original restaurant to a new location on First Street in the near future.


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