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Cape Coral City Council fires Cape Coral City Manager


In less than three minutes, Cape Coral City Manager Rob Hernandez’s nearly three years or service to Cape Coral came to a close.

“In light of the recent events, I believe it’s in the best interest of this organization that I make a motion to elect our contractual option to terminate the employment of our City Manager Rob Hernandez without cause, effective immediately,” Councilman Keith Long said during the meeting.

There was little discussion before Cape Coral City Council voted 5-3 to fire Hernandez except from Councilman Tom Hayden when he questioned Long.

“We need to explain a little bit,” Hayden said.

But the only hint provided by the city as that they can’t comment on pending litigation.

No lawsuit was filed by Hernandez at the Lee County Clerk of Court, but a close read of Hernandez’s contract gives Cape Coral the right to fire him as long as it pays him his severance package in a “lump sum payment.”

Two weeks of pay comes to nearly $100,000.

If Hernandez accepts the severance pay, his contract said he “waives any rights” to “a preliminary resolution notice and hearing/”

On Friday, the city will hold a special meeting to find Hernandez’s temporary placement, which Mayor John Gunter said two weeks ago, would give the city time.

“We will probably end up doing a national search like we have done in the past, which most organizations do. We will interview those candidates,” Gunter said.

The goal, the mayor said, is to find the right person to permanently run the City of Cape Coral.


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