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Cape Coral launches a free city-wide scavenger hunt


There is a fun new way to explore Southwest Florida’s largest city. It is called Cape Coral Quest. It is a free scavenger hunt app where you search for clues to win prizes.

From up above or down below, Cape Coral has some pretty unique places, but are you familiar with all of them?

The city, in partnership with the Lee County Visitor Convention Bureau, wants to put you to the test with a quest.

“I thought it would be really neat to create something that is Cape Coral-focused. Something that would drive people to our local businesses, or local landmarks, and even our parks,” said Sarah Newcomb, marketing specialist for Cape Coral.

After a year of development, the city found its answer in the new quest app.

Cape Coral Quest. (Credit: WINK News)

Once downloaded on your phone, you’ll have 30 locations to explore.

Newcomb said she focused on places not usually noticed around the city. “I feel like even if you live here, you don’t visit everywhere and everything that we have to offer. So this is really for not just visitors, but residents here.”

The best part is there’s no age limit. Each location has a riddle that gives you points once solved. Those can later be traded for prizes.

The prize for many of the locations included is the potential for more business.

“This does allow people the opportunity to come in at any time. So I hope we see a lot more people through it,” said Janel Trull, executive director of the Cape Coral Historical Museum.

It is something many businesses are ready to showcase.

“Once they discover this building, they go, oh, there’s theater, live theater. And want to find out more about it. So bringing all these people together, it’s a great opportunity,” said Mark Fleming, executive director of the Cultural Park Theater.

You don’t have to run right away to get all the spots checked off. You’ll have until November 30 to complete the scavenger hunt.


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