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Christmas Eve delays and cancellations at RSW


Delays and cancellations at RSW are impacting more and more flights, disrupting holiday travel plans on Christmas Eve.

Heavy snow and winds across the country are the reason for all the airport chaos at RSW.

Some people are turning to other airlines out of desperation.

Flights delayed and cancelled at RSW. (CREDIT: WINK News)

That’s because one airline may be delayed or canceled going to a city, while another airline is on time to the same destination.

Scott Snidert is excited about traveling to North Carolina for the holidays to see his daughter.

Snidert is hoping to avoid the roadblocks that have affected other holiday travelers.

“They told me everything is on time. It’s all good. I’m flying American Airlines headed straight to Charlotte,” Snidert said.

If you are rebooking a flight, you don’t have to worry too much about getting caught up in any security line.

The lines for TSA are negligible around RSW, a small blessing for many delayed travelers.


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