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Community helps Feed Thy Neighbor after catalytic converter thefts


The community is helping a nonprofit get back on its feet after it was targeted by thieves. Someone took catalytic converters from Feed Thy Neighbor vehicles at Saint Monica’s Episcopal Church.

Feed Thy Neighbor was back up and running on Monday, but they’re not back at full strength yet. They’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, other organizations, and individuals reaching out to find out how they can help.

They have one van out of the four vehicles back after being fixed by a mechanic who told Feed Thy Neighbor not to worry about the price. as a result, they were able to donate 300 meals.

The Marco Island-based nonprofit, Marco Patriots donated $3,000 to Feed Thy Neighbor to help as well. They’re going to need more help, though, especially as many of their donors left town after Hurricane Ian, and they have so many more people in need of help after the storm.

“We do the people living in tents. The people in trailers with or without electricity with the widow power, very sweat. And we handle the bottom of the barrel. But like we say, we feed everybody because God don’t make no junk. And we’re doing the best we can do with it. It’s not easy. I mean, you know we’re feeding people while they’re drunk while the stones while they’re high,” said Tony Mansolollo, founder of Feed Thy Neighbor.

The group provides 4,000 meals a week, and to do that important work, Feed Thy Neighbor needs a lot of monetary donations.

They also need drivers to transport all their delicious meals, but they hope to have their full fleet of trucks back by next week.


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