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Depositions reveal more on Wade Wilson homicide cases


Wade Wilson is accused of killing two women in Cape Coral in 2019.

Depositions filed with the Clerk of Court reveal details of the investigation into the murders of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz.

Defense attorneys heard from Wilson’s former ex-girlfriend who said he abused her and a witness who said Wilson also broke into her home between the murders of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz.

Investigators found Melton’s body in her Cape Coral home and four days later, they found Ruiz dead in a field.

Investigators believe Wilson met Melton at a Fort Myers bar and choked her to death.

In the hours after, he broke into a home.

In a deposition, the woman who lives there told defense attorneys she had just returned from a yoga class and “noticed the gate was closed, which is not typical and that there was a car she did not recognize on the other side of the date.

She remembers saying hello but did not see anyone.

Right before unlocking the back door of her home to enter, she paused and decided to call her oldest child to find out whose car was there.

Before making the call, she heard a man’s voice.

She jumped, saw him approach her, coming out of a detached garage.

Wilson walked up to the witness with hands in the air and apologized.

The witness said, “no. Not this is my house. You just need to get out of here.”

The witness described Wade’s appearance.

Tall, dark hair and with tattoos.

She told attorneys, “it looked like he had a rough night.”

As Wilson left in his car, she took photos of his license plate.

She said he asked why she took photos.

Her response: “Because I don’t know who the f— you are. Not get out of here.”

Wade backed out, stopped for a moment, looked back and apologuzined before driving away.

The same day, Wilson is accused of killing Ruiz.

The witness said she left her car unlocked while she was at yoga.

After the interaction, she got in her car and could smell odor. She discovered there was urine in the center console of her cup holder.

She filed a police report.

Since Wilson’s arrest, he has tried to contact the witness through jail mail and phone calls a number of times.

She said in her deposition, she had no idea how he got her personal information and did not respond to any of Wilson’s attempts to contact her.

Wlson’s ex-girlfriend spoke to WINK News but asked that we hid her face because she was too shaken up.

The deposition provides a deeper look into what she went through.

“I tried to distance myself from him, but he had nowhere to go, so he leeched on harder. And then it got abusive,” Wilson’s ex said.

She recalled an incident where she said Wilson held her hostage. She called the experience “traumatic.”

Another time, she said, she “can’t remember what she was saying” because she “was just trying to survive.”

She said her friends called the cops when they saw she was beaten from head to toe.

And this chilling statement: “Then he goes to the rear back to punch me. He gets a really good punch in. And then the blood splatters everywhere. And I think it even surprised me how much blood came out of me, and it gave me seconds to run down the stairs.”

She told defense attorneys he also threatened her on a phone call recorded by police where he said he was going to kill her by strangling her slowly.


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