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Different approaches to unusually cold weather from SWFL locals, visitors


Many moved to Southwest Florida for the warm weather, but Christmas weekend brought an unusual chill to the area, and residents had to cope in different ways.

Most people from the area don’t like the cold weather one bit. Going outside, one can often pick out who is and isn’t a Southwest Florida based on their attire. The region may not have felt freezing temperatures, but lows in the 30s and highs just cracking the 50s are not what people signed up for.

Justin Smith visited from Indianapolis, Indiana, one of several people WINK New spoke to in downtown Naples. He has a midwestern attitude toward the weather.

“The cold has not impacted my plans,” Smith said. “Actually, in Indianapolis, where I’m from, it’s in the negatives right now, so this is warm for me.”

Smith’s mother Kim lives in Naples; she hates the current weather.

“The last couple of days, it’s been pretty cold for us,” said Kim Smith.

John Freeman, of Michigan, asked what people are complaining about.

“We were hoping to get a break from the Michigan winter, and unfortunately it’s been a little colder and a little more overcast here than we hoped it would be, but… you know, you can’t predict the weather, and it’s still wonderful to get away and enjoy the south,” Freeman said. “And it’s clearly better than the weather in Michigan.”

Judy and Walt Stuelpe are from Cleveland, but they live in Naples half the year.

“It’s not normal and it’s not much fun,” Judy Stuelpe said.

They say they have family in Southwest Florida for the holidays and were expecting it to be a little warmer.

“The California kids are used to colder temperatures this time of year,” said Walt Stuelpe. “Anyway, they’re having fun, and they’re making the best of it.”

Some people are making the best of it by going to the beach, even when the temperatures barely got above 50 degrees. The good news for the cold-averse is that high temperatures will be back in the 80s by the weekend.


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