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Emillions Art making composite pictures of Naples Pier, but need your help


An art dealer is leading the mission to get the Naples community involved in recovery efforts after Hurricane Ian.

Emillions Art is looking for help bringing back the iconic landmark, and you can help rebuild the pier by submitting a picture.

Emillions Art owner, Marlissa Gardner, spoke with WINK News about the project.

“The pier is in the hearts of the people, but it also brings people to Naples,” Gardner said.

Emillions Arts needs thousands of pictures to complete the work.

An example of a composite picture. CREDIT: WINK News

“I think it’s a great idea to include the community and then, like, pay tribute to all the people that have come here and everybody that submits a photo, a special photo,” Naples resident Marisa VanWinkle, said.

Thousands of them will be used to make around 100 limited edition prints of the Naples Pier pre-Ian.

“Anything that is happy as a memory, maybe the current Christmas parade on Fifth or the car show on Fifth Avenue, these are all great, great memories for people they have a great time down here, and it just highlights what we do best, we do people best,” Gardner said.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Collier County first responders and another portion will help rebuild the pier, something city leaders are leaning toward.

Chad Merritt, the Naples parks recreation and facilities director,

Sunset at the Naples Pier. CREDIT: WINK News

spoke with WINK News about rebuilding the pier.

“We could get a small storm come through, and it could compromise the pier in the condition of the pilings are in at this point,” Merritt said.


Nothing is set in stone, but elevating the pier and some other adjustments are in the works.

“We would do a two-tier system that would allow fishermen and the sun gazers, as we call them, to be able to exist at the same time,” Merritt said.

You can help rebuild the pier by sharing your favorite pictures from Naples.

“It’s down on the beach, it’s out on your boat, it’s you know, cutting the ribbon off your first car, whatever it is in around Naples that makes you happy that are some of your fondest memories; your children and what they are doing, at the zoo,” Gardner said.

Click here to go to the website set up by Emillions Art to submit a picture of Naples Pier.


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