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Estero residents split over Bonita Estero Rail Trail project


Village of Estero hosted a workshop Wednesday for the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization to provide an update on the Bonita Estero Rail Trail project. The project could transform a 12-mile portion of the Seminole Gulf Railway into a recreational biking trail spanning from northern Collier County to Alico Road in Lee County.

Don Scott, director of the planning organization, said the agency must determine how rights-of-way are purchased before proceeding.

“We can get [Planning Development Environment Study] money, we can get design money, we can get construction money, but we can’t get right-of-way money,” Scott said. “Until we know, we’re trying to keep away from making specific commitments to your jurisdiction or Bonita [Springs].”

The appraisal value for the corridor within the village is $27 million of the total $70 million appraisal. Seminole Gulf requested 30% more than the total appraised value.

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