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FEMA trailer finally arrives for couple while husband gets hospice care


Many are still displaced after Hurricane Ian, including one woman in Englewood who is living in a shed with her husband while he receives hospice care.

That couple told WINK News that FEMA has already been to their home and marked where they will put a trailer with an orange flag.

The orange flag represents where the trailer will go. CREDIT: WINK News

They’re hopeful the trailer will arrive in the next few days.

The couple made a makeshift house in their lanai while sleeping on cots in their back shed.

While they have blue tarps up, for the time being, water still managed to get inside, creating anxiety about possible mold.

A couple of weeks before the storm, Colleen’s husband Bill got diagnosed with terminal cancer.

They explained to WINK News times are tough, and they’re looking forward to the small things.

Damage to the couples home in Englewood from Hurricane Ian. CREDIT: WINK News

While the FEMA trailers aren’t very small, they are looking forward to the FEMA trailer that’s on its way to them.

“Ought to be much cleaner living quarters, or more space available to cook and yeah, hopefully, take showers. That’s what I’m looking forward to hook it up and have a hot water tank and all that,” Bill and Colleen said.

“Some days you just wanna just.. you don’t want to get up .. walk away .. you don’t want to get up just want to sleep until it’s over. It’s so hard,” Bill and Colleen said.

As of Tuesday, six families in Charlotte County have gotten temporary FEMA direct housing units.

There are 29 pending that are planned to be occupied soon.

But, 500 families are eligible for housing, so there is still a lot to do.


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