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Former Lehigh Acres football coach, James Chaney, joining Deion Sanders and Colorado Buffaloes


Deion Sanders, the NFL Hall of Famer and Fort Myers native, is sticking to his roots after becoming the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes earlier in December.

Sanders won’t be going alone. In fact, he’s bringing another Southwest Florida coach to Colorado with him.

Sanders’ former North Fort Myers High and FSU teammate, who also used to be the Lehigh senior head coach, James Chaney, is packing up and moving to Boulder.

James Chaney, former Lehigh Acres High School football coach. CREDIT: WINK News

While playing for Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington, and Baltimore, Primetime played his way into the pro football Hall of Fame.

But, before he was packing stadiums on Sundays, he got his start at North Fort Myers High.

“Baby, we’re coming. Do you understand that? Do you feel that? Do you understand the excitement? The intensity, the adrenaline, the rush that I got right now that I can’t wait until this thing takes off because we are coming,” Sanders said.

Lehigh Acres High School football practice. CREDIT: WINK News

James Chaney, the former Lehigh football coach, joins Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes.

“I’m ready for the altitude I’m, I’m ready for it all, man. It’s just like, it’s just a new adventure for me,” Chaney said.

Chaney will be the director of player development for the Buffaloes and can’t wait to be reunited with his childhood friend.

“You know, he’s always been a star, you know, ever since literally, you know, he grew up right down the street. You know, so, you know, I’m proud of him,” Chaney said.

Looking ahead, Sanders takes on the challenge of rebuilding the Colorado Buffaloes, while leaving his success at Jackson State, just as he did a would-be tackler on a pick-six, behind him.

Deion Sanders talking with young football players. CREDIT: WINK News

That challenge will be a bit easier with his long-time friend joining him.

“My goal is to go get with the players and talk to him about what it takes. And, and the people I’ve been around and try to make them, you know, live up to a great challenge that they have and take advantage of it,” Chaney said.

Chaney coached Lehigh for eight seasons, winning 37 games and losing 34.

Lehigh’s school principal posted a message on Twitter thanking Chaney for his dedication and crediting him for helping his players succeed on the field and in the classroom.


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