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Gas prices dropping in SWFL


Lower gas prices can’t really be wrapped up, but it could still be the best gift this holiday season.

Since more people travel for the holidays, it might also lighten the burden on Southwest Florida wallets.

Gas prices have gone down around Southwest Florida.

The average price for gas in Florida is $3.27 per gallon.

Luckily, at the 7Eleven off of Santa Barbara Boulevard in Cape Coral, gas is only $3.28 per gallon.

AAA said Florida’s gas prices have plunged 30 cents in the past three weeks thanks to a larger supply.

AAA explained the lack of supply was a result of Covid-19 lockdowns in China and the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season which impacted refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

WINK News spoke with Cape Coral residents about the price dropoff for gas.

“I went from filling up paying like $120 bucks down to like, $80 now,” Dave Hassani said. “Hopefully, we keep seeing a decrease in these gas prices, and that might help us out.”

“It should go lower. I mean, it’s ridiculous. A big country like ours that we have gas prices like that,” Monika Layton said.

AAA said the downward momentum should continue into the second week of Dec.

The state average could go below $3.20 per gallon by Dec. 16 or 17.

Florida’s average gas price is the lowest since early Oct. when the state’s month-long gas tax holiday began.


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