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God’s Pit Crew rebuilds home for Port Charlotte family


It was a moment of hope and help for a single mom. God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff revealed a newly rebuilt home Saturday morning in Port Charlotte.

God’s Pit Crew is a non-profit, faith-based crisis response team who wishes to serve others.

“We’ve had volunteers down here, as many as 150 at a time, here almost since the hurricane hit. We were down here about four days after, and we’ve had teams working down here pretty much ever since,” said Randy Johnson, president & founder of God’s Pit Crew.

The newly rebuilt home went to Maria Sheridan and her three children, whose house was destroyed during Hurricane Ian.

“I want my kids again, everybody together, back to work, you know, spend Christmas. Since the day the hurricane came, we have no place to stay, nothing,” said Sheridan.

The damage to their home was so extensive they were living in their car. On Saturday, Sheridan and her children got to see their home for the first time and receive their keys. A moment they’ve been waiting for and truly appreciated.

“I’m very pleasant like I’m so happy. Very emotional. We waited for a long time. We [lost] almost everything, so super, super happy,” Sheridan said.

Volunteers have used chainsaws and heavy equipment to cut trees, clear debris, and muck out homes. They also decorated and furnished the house.

God’s Pit Crew said when disaster strikes, they’re there to deliver hope, healing, and restoration to hurting people in their time of need.

“To see her reaction as she pulled in this morning. And as the anticipation built for her going inside the house and seeing it for the first time. You know, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why these volunteers work so hard. They work for that moment when they can see that look on her and her children’s faces,” said Johnson.

God’s Pit Crew is also wrapping up its second deployment to Florida, helping victims of the storm. Their immediate response team redeployed to Florida on November 27 and finished their work on Friday.

If you would like to donate to God’s Pit Crew or volunteer with them, you can learn more about how on their website.


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