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How certain types of stress can be good for your health


Is there healthy stress, the type of stress that can help and not harm your brain? Some experts believe there is.

Project deadlines, family drama, and packed schedules can add a lot of stress to someone’s day.

“Your cortisol goes up, which means your fuel consumption goes up. What happens is you’ve actually fired up your body. And if you keep it that way, it’s like driving a car on the freeway in second gear,” said Dr. David Hanscom, a chronic pain expert.

Research shows not all stress is bad for you. A study from the University of California San Francisco and Stanford University found that manageable daily stress may help protect against oxidative damage, which is linked to disease and aging.

Some other upsides of stress include increasing motivation to finish projects on time, promoting bonding and social connections with others, boosting immunity, building resilience, and encouraging growth. Especially in those who learn techniques to cope with stress, like meditation or checking in with themselves. Helping you not to stress out over stress

Some experts say it’s not a stressful situation that impacts our health but how we allow it to impact us long after it has occurred.

For instance, within 90 seconds of a stress-inducing experience, like someone cutting you off in traffic, the stress chemicals your brain releases have completely dissipated from your blood. If you are still angry after 90 seconds, the stress will continue.


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