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How to lower the chances of fire during the dry season


A brush fire that has been burning since Wednesday is now about 38 acres in Cape Coral.

Crews are still out there near El Dorado and Southwest 5th Terrace working to put it out.

Now that the dry season is here, consider this: Did Hurricane Ian make it easier for fires to start and spread?

Michael Harris with the Florida Forest Service said everyone can reduce the risk of fire

Andrea Schuch with the Cape Coral Fire Department said to start by keeping the grass lean, green, and clean.

“We want you to thin out any sort of vegetation that might be near your home. We want you to clear out any dead debris,” Schuch said.

Cape fire spent the last 24 hours fighting this brush fire behind the German Americal Social Club.

“About 90% of brush fires are human-caused, so it’s something that we really can control ourselves. So as it’s really dry, even something as simple as starting your car on dried grass can cause a spark,” Schuch said.


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