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How to stuff your stockings to satisfaction this season

You’ve already spent so much money getting all the gifts under the tree, but don’t forget about the stockings! Here’s how you can stuff those stockings without exceeding your budget this holiday season.

Many of us go big when it comes to gift-giving during the holidays, but when it comes to filling that stocking, think small—tiny, inexpensive gifts. All of it can cost you less than $20, saving you a lot this holiday season.

Possible gifts. CREDIT: WINK News

Kimberly Palmer, NerdWallet’s personal finance expert, recommends browsing the aisles of your local pharmacy, grocery or dollar store. They’re full of small, cheap toys for kids like Play-Doh, Slinkys or other novelty items. When in doubt, you can always get a couple of gift cards to their favorite stores.

“That helps them practice, what, how do you spend money? How do you make choices? How do you think about that trade-off?” Palmer said. “I actually think a gift card can be a really helpful gift from a financial literacy perspective when you’re talking about kids, but it’s always hard.”

And if you’re done shopping and don’t want to step back into any stores, buy a digital gift card and print it out. You might actually pay less and get to gift more. Snacks and treats like chips and candy also make great stocking stuffers.


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