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Lee County resumes tolls on the Sanibel Causeway


Lee County has resumed toll operations on the last of its three toll bridges. The tolls on the Sanibel Causeway were restored on Sunday morning.

The county had restored tolls on November 1 to the Cape Coral Bridge and the Midpoint Bridge after the suspension of tolls on all three bridges shortly before Hurricane Ian’s landfall on September 28.

The causeway, which received extensive damage during the storm, reopened on October 19. The City of Sanibel has an entry-pass requirement to get onto the island, but that requirement ends on January 2.

The county’s toll program, LeeWay, will honor its discount programs for Sanibel residents who had them before the storm through January 31.

Sanibel-based LeeWay customers are asked to renew their programs for 2023 as soon as possible. The annual renewal process usually takes place in October.

Sanibel residents with power and internet access can renew online or by phone at 239-533-9297.


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