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Lee County school bus driver caught on camera driving dangerously


A school bus driver got kicked off the job after a mom caught them, on camera, in the middle of two lanes. That mother exclusively told WINK News she saw kids inside the bus.

She then followed the bus all the way from Palm Beach Boulevard to Orange River Elementary School.

Lee County schools will investigate the claims, and in a statement the district sent WINK News Friday afternoon, said the drivers are trained to follow all traffic laws and not in the manner seen in the video.

Lee County school bus driving in the middle of the road. CREDIT: LATASHA

A Lee County school bus driving in both lanes on Palm Beach Blvd around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning, headed east.

Latasha, the frightened mother, was noticeably angry and began recording on her phone while driving after seeing the dangerous driving.

“The first instinct was recording, you know, because why is she driving like this with kids on the bus,” Latasha asked.

Latasha told WINK News she couldn’t believe her eyes and called WINK News, explaining she was still shaken up by what she witnessed.

“I’m like, there’s kids on the bus, is she serious right now? Like, what do I do? Like, I wasn’t even thinking like, what does she think that I am trying to do? I’m just trying to pass you lady. Like, I’m just trying to avoid you. And I was just more concerned for the kids on the bus. That’s why I followed her,” Latasha said.

Latasha decided to follow the bus all the way to Orange River Elementary School instead of going where she was originally headed. Latasha then got out of the car and confronted the driver, and then went to the front office.

Orange River Elementary School. CREDIT: WINK News

“Anything for the kids. Because what if she was under the influence? Or what if, you know, something would have happened, a car would have came onto the road? It wouldn’t hit them. I was the first one there. I wouldn’t be the first one right there to be there to respond,” Latasha said.

WINK News expects the questions raised by Latasha will be answered in the district’s investigation. The statement also thanked Latasha for recording the video and bringing it to the district’s attention.


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