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Lee County woman helping San Carlos Park Ian victims


Since Hurricane Ian, one woman, with the help of volunteers, has been distributing supplies to communities in desperate need.

Nearly four months later, the unique circle neighborhood near San Carlos Park is still recovering from the storm.

Most people are done with the cleanup phase and they’re progressing to the next step, rebuilding.

Packing up water and other supplies to help with Ian recovery in San Carlos Park. CREDIT: WINK News

Reminders of Ian are scattered throughout Southwest Florida. So people like Ellen Baker are great reminders of someone helping others when they need it the most.

“All week I’ve been working on it and some angels have come through with donations. A little monetary we need to kick that up a little bit. But donations, they’re just slamming me. Now, Budweiser, Anheuser Busch, and they’re called something else… I can’t remember right now, filled five, if not six SUVs, they donated water, which is one of the biggest items they asked for as soon as we pull in. They said you have water because they have no water, no electricity, they’re sharing a generator or two maybe. And this is of course that south Fort Myers place we go to. And we have a lot… this is the biggest, this is the biggest, I want people to join us. Not necessarily physically.. but donation-wise,” Baker said.

Baker said she won’t stop until everyone is good to go again. She welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to donate or volunteer to do so.


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