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Man arrested, accused of helping man who walked out of trial escape


A man walks out on his trial and is nowhere to be found after being convicted. Now, another man, Daniel Torres Quezada, is sitting behind bars, accused of helping Therbert Sweet getaway.

Sweet walked out of the Lee County courthouse earlier this week right before a jury convicted him of a violent kidnapping and robbery.

Therbert Sweet, 30. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Daniel Quezada is in the Lee County Jail with a one million dollar bond. His crime, according to the prosecution? “He assisted by taking Mr. Sweet in the middle of trial to Ellenton, Florida. Rented Mr. Sweet a hotel room, the hotel was booked under Mr. Quezada’s name, and Mr. Sweet is still on the run.”

One million dollars is an incredibly high bond, but the assistant state attorney argued if you give Quezada a low bond, he will run.

“Due to the high risk, if he was willing to assist in Sweet in fleeing, the state’s concerned Mr. Quezada will flee as well, so that’s why we’re asking for the elevated bond.”

The added twist is one of Sweet’s co-defendants in the original crime, the 2021 kidnapping and robbery of two men, is a man named David Quezada.

David Quezada. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

That is Daniel’s twin brother.

David Quezada is behind bars awaiting trial.

The prosecutor once again made it clear to the court that Daniel Quezada is no stranger to trouble. “2018 possession of cocaine, 2009 cocaine traffic, possession of cocaine, 2008 robbery, 2007 no registration.”

Sweet’s current whereabouts are still unknown. It is also unknown if he will face additional charges for skipping out on his trial once he is found.


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