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Man arrested after Christmas card with cocaine and fentanyl got delivered to wrong address


A man called Marco Island police after finding white powdery substances in a package delivered to him.

A package delivered to the wrong address happens from time to time, but getting drugs hand-delivered to the wrong address happens a bit more seldomly.

Inside the box was a red envelope with a Christmas card, but inside the card was cocaine.

To make matters worse, neighbors also found fentanyl in the package too.

Marco Island post office. CREDIT: WINK News

Ryan Hunter Bluestone was arrested after his package accidentally got delivered to a neighbor with a similar name.

Chief Tracy Frazzano from the Marco Island Police Department spoke with WINK News about what happened.

“It’s Christmas season. You know, people are getting packages in the mail from relatives and friends close and far away. The family received an envelope that was addressed to them,” Frazzano said.

The USPS priority mail envelope was addressed to the Ryan family.

According to the police report, three plastic bags with cocaine were inside the card. Fentanyl was also found in the package.

“They opened it up, and they were very observant in the fact that when it was a white powdery substance, it caught their attention called the police department, and we went over there and took control of the package,” Frazzano said.

Then the Marco Island Police Department took the package.

The family who reported the package said they had a voicemail from the person they believed the package was intended for.

After calling Bluestone and letting him know he could pick up his package.

So, he showed up at the police station to do just that.

WINK News asked Frazzano if she has ever seen anything like this happen before.

“Where somebody came to the police department to pick up their illegal drugs? No. I think this was a first for me and I’ve been in law enforcement over 25 years,” Frazzano said.

Just two milligrams of fentanyl is considered a lethal dose.

Frazzano said if you see something, say something.

“Yes, always. Because you don’t know what that package actually was. We had to actually field test it to make sure it was a narcotic in some sort of way. So, this actually turned out to be a really good scenario overall, that everybody came out of it safe,” Frazzano said.

Bluestone was arrested at the Naples Jail Center but, since then, he’s been released.


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