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Multiple cars burglarized on Christmas in Cape Coral neighborhood


While Santa Claus was out delivering presents, a thief was busy breaking into cars in Cape Coral for Christmas, hitting multiple locations within five minutes of each other.

​Wayne Schult was one of the many victims whose cars were burglarized in southeast Cape Coral.

“We’ve not had real issues along that line,” Schult said. “We’ve been in Florida for about eight years, and I just noticed that one of the doors was half-open, which was kind of strange.”

With no obvious damage, thieves never crossed his mind.

“The car was actually very empty,” Schult said. “There was a generator and some other items that we had brought from Wisconsin for the aftermath of the hurricane, so I took all of those out the day before to clean it.”

But the thieves didn’t stop their spree at Schult’s home on 31st Terrace. Multiple cars on different blocks in his neighborhood were hit.

David Templeton lives one block over on 31st Street. He was one of the few the crooks spared, but that doesn’t make him feel any better.

“I have had my car broken into before in another area; you feel violated,” Templeton said. “They know better. There’s an easier way to get what you want, and it’s called hard work.”

Templeton says he hopes the thieves soon realize that.


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