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Naples artists wants your photos for a tribute to the Naples Pier


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a thousand pictures put together would be enough words for a book.

Emillions Art in Naples is creating a composite picture. That is when thousands of pictures are combined to make one big one.

Thousands of photos are what Emillions Art is looking for.

“We’d really love some historical pictures and some pictures of, you know, times as early back as you can remember. If you are an older person here and you have pictures from the 50s, 60s, 70s, that would be really great to include in the project,” said Marlissa Gardner.

This is just a concept, an idea of what artist Robin Austin will make.

If you want to have your photo used in the art piece, it’s free to submit, and you could be part of history.

Thousands of your favorite memories come together to create an image of where so many come to gather, the iconic landmark loved by those near and far; the Naples Pier.

When Ian hit, Gardner was halfway around the world. “What can we do to begin to help? I really feel that was the initiative. What can we do? And this was the brainchild of my partner, Neil Pennington, who came up with the idea.”

More than one thousand photos have been submitted, and the good news for you is they need more.

“We need a lot of submissions, we need them quickly. We need, probably, another 1,200 pictures or so,” said Gardner.

Here’s what they’re looking for. “Out at your favorite restaurant, or you know your son playing t-ball, or Easter Sunday at the half shell in Cambier Park. Anything that represents the community at large, not just the pier,” said Gardner.

A portion of proceeds from sales will go to area first responders and restoring the pier itself. If you’d like to submit a photo, you can do so here.


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