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New details about the sexual abuse of a child at an unlicensed Cape Coral daycare


There are new details about the sexual battery on a child incident from Cape Coral.  A new police report reveals the abuse happened in several places throughout the home, including the bedroom, living room couch, and bathroom.

Police arrested Bobby Holland, 37, the boyfriend of the daycare’s owner. They say he sexually abused an 11-year-old girl who attended the unlicensed daycare.

An arrest report from Cape Coral police says within the first week of the girl’s time at this facility, she wrote a note to Holland saying ‘I heart you.’ The other note mentioned in the report are too graphic to repeat

Since mid-November, she spent two to three nights a week at the daycare, and Cape police say the sexual activity was a daily occurrence.

The report describes the two having intercourse in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The girl told police there were cameras in the living room next to the TV and in the playroom.

The last encounter was on December 15, the same day the victim’s mom called the police. Holland was arrested the following day.

The report states Holland was responsible for cleaning the Cape Coral home where his girlfriend runs the daycare facility from. The daycare’s owner told the police she didn’t know what was happening.

Police said at this time, the daycare’s owner isn’t facing any charges, and it’s unknown if she’ll be charged for the unlicensed daycare.

Holland is in the Lee County Jail without bond, charged with sexual battery of a child under the age of 12. His arraignment is scheduled for January 17.


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