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Par 4 Mobile Home Park FEMA trailers to get power Saturday


Saturday is a big day at Par 4 Mobile Home Park in Collier County.

FEMA trailers have been sitting on the property, without power, so nobody needing assistance could move in.

The hope is that power will be connected to four FEMA trailers by the end of the day. The trailers were delivered in Dec. but they are still empty because they don’t have power.

Jimmy Gaughan, the manager of Par 4 Mobile Home, spoke with WINK News about what’s going on.

“The people that are coming here now that have been approved by FEMA and approved by my corporation they are actually homeowners, they’re seniors, they’re living in shelters now while they try and put their lives back together and rebuild their homes or we have one couple he’s sleeping on the friend’s floor she’s sleeping on the couch and they’re trying to rebuild their home in Bonita, it’s tough,” Gaughan said.

Shortly before 11:30 a.m., Gaughan let WINK News know FPL crews are at the mobile home community. The next step is for Gaughan to contact FEMA and then FEMA will let residents know they can move in.

WINK News will update you about what’s going on throughout the day and whether FPL gets out to Par 4.


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